Gardening on the Small Farm

Gardening on the Small Farm


Are you interested in starting a garden on your small farm but don’t know where to start? Maybe you lack the knowledge of what all is needed to create a successful garden for yourself and family. This article will help to give you advice that will make gardening fun and easy.

When digging in the dirt, if you want to prevent dirt from accumulating under your nails, you soap on your hands before you start. Rub your fingernails across a bar of soap to prevent the soil from collecting beneath them by sealing them. When your work is done in the garden, you can use a soft brush to clean the soap out from under your nails and leave them sparkling clean.

If you have limited space to plant in your garden, try to plant your crops in blocks instead of in traditional rows. Rows tend to leave a lot of space between the plants as a walkway. Planting in blocks will help to keep plants together tightly without sacrificing their production.

Putting a fence around your garden is a good investment. Gardening takes a lot of money and time, and you don’t want it all to be wasted by children playfully stomping through it or small animals taking advantage of your work. A small fence will help to protect your investment that keeps both kids and animals out.

Wet newspapers are a great alternative for mulch for your soil. Placing damp newspapers around the bottom of your plants will keep the ground moist and protect the root systems of your plants from sunlight and heat. Also, newspapers are biodegradable, so you can leave them there and they will eventually add more nutrients to your soil.

Before you start to prune your plants, be sure you know when each plant is supposed to blame. If you prune your trees and shrubs while they have buds, you will not have any flowers on that plant that year. Once the blooms from the last season have faded is the best time to prune.

It always makes things easier to keep your tools and gardening close together in one area. That way, when you’re ready to go out and work in your garden, you will not have to search for things that you need. It also keeps you from having to hire someone for carpet cleaning as much because you take off your muddy shoes to leave them with your gardening stuff.

Hopefully, the advice given in this article will help you get started on your small backyard garden.